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Tne DVD is now just $10, with all shipping (even International) only $5.  DVD is shipped first class mail.  I ship once a week, usually Thursdays, sometimes Saturday!   

A new DVD by Dr. Mark Rosenberg, Chiropractor and Martial Arts expert

This DVD is appx. 2 hours long, and includes:

  1. Stretching 101: how to start stretching, even if you never have! A lot of info for common difficulties and how to work them out.
  2. Stretch Class 1: this is how I would actually run a class for my students and patients. You can participate along with the video.
  3. Squatting: A more in depth tutorial on a very important stretch.
  4. Core Exercises: This video begins to show what can be done to strengthen your core muscles, and stabilize your spine.

NOW ONLY $10 plus shipping ($5.00 for US and International Sales)

Offer good until supplies run out! I will not be doing another run of this DVD, so it you want one, order soon.

Dr. Mark goes over in great detail how to improve your flexibility. The information is clear, direct, and easy to follow.

The DVD is a compilation of stretches that Dr. Mark created to teach stretching on the internet. It will be the first of several volumes that will be produced.

The DVD has no background music, fancy camera angles, famous actors, or breathtaking scenery! It covers the nuts and bolts of stretching as taught by Dr. Mark. He is sometimes accompanied by his dog at his side, so if you are not a dog lover, you have been warned! :0)

It is packaged in an environmentally friendly paper sleeve, instead of the typical large plastic library case. This was done to reduce waste and make the info available to all for a reasonable fee.

DVDs will be shipped out Priority Mail within a few days of your payment. The number of DVD's available is limited, so if we run out, you will be notified by email, as our duplication facility takes a week to make more copies.

Payment thru Paypal. PAYPAL will accept most major credit cards if you don't have a Paypal account.

Here's what people have to say about Dr. Rosenberg and his stretching methods:

  • The following is an unsolicted testimonial from Jennifer, who has been using this DVD for several weeks:

  • "Seeing this video brings back memories of Mark from his days in Truckee, CA. I still train in aikido,which he recommended to me. He's a born teacher." Joe C.
  • "For years I attended Mark's Wednesday night open stretch class. They were packed! I have also attended yoga classes in India and they were good but I learned much much more from Mark. He not only could but would explain each move, why we were doing it and the benefits from it. His attention to details of postures were amazing." Chuck S.
  • "I first met Mark about 12 years ago, originally as a patient of his, but soon after as a student in his stretching and Tai Chi classes. I practice Marks stretching techniques on a daily basis. I have been surfing and skate boarding since I was a kid, and at 38 am still able to do everything I did in my 20's. I contribute a great deal of my health and well being to the things that Mark has shared with me over the years as a friend and teacher." Craig S
  • " After years of bending over to pound nails as a carpenter my hamstrings were reasonably stretched, but my low back always hurt. I had done some stretching but had never really had any permanent relief. Then I found howtostretch.com. I liked the info about each stretch because I could understand it. I now can manage my back with no pain. My wife and I have a blast practicing the stretches together. We are healthier and can do more." Ray K
  • "I can't believe how much howtostretch.com has helped me with my balance. I now enjoy sports like rollerblading and wind surfing injury free." John G.
  • " Thanks howtostretch.com I'm continuing to work on neck, back and wrist stretches. People around me notice that my posture has improved and quite frankly so has my overall health and attitude." Susan B.
    "Mark, I found your blog and howtostretch.com. In my long search to relieve back and leg pain, your blog is very informative and helpful. I got more from your blog than I did with any other source that I have been seeking. My pain is alleviating slowly. Thanks and keep up the good work. I have become committed to stretching and do it twice a day. I have along way to go but I hope to get there. Sincerely, Tim J."
  • "When I first started learning to stretch with Mark (via karate) I had not been active for a couple of years. But with Mark's help I was able to achieve flexibility that got me back into sports without serious injuries. As a kid I was a skateboarder, and I was able to get back into it and skate the ramps with the pros: Kevin Staab, Tony Hawk, to name a few. People had a hard time believing that I was in my 40's. I would go through some of the stretching that I learned from Markbefore and after my sessions. I was skating hard enough to even break my elbow at one point - but no ligament or tendon problems at all !!" Glen S.
  • "I have studied with Mark for a long time. At 45 my flexibility not only helps me avoid injuries but it amazes any MD's I've seen - for example, when I have been asked to touch my toes the doctors were astounded I could do it with ease. From Mark's years of training and teaching, he always knew how far to push me and the others in class. In all my time with Mark I never saw anyone get an injury from stretching in his classes. So follow his advice and you won't go wrong." Stew C.
  • "I've been associated with Dr Rosenberg for 16 years, first as a student in the martial arts and then as a patient. I highly recommend Mark to anybody who wants to improve their health and well being. He is straight forward, honest and easy to understand, and he practices what he preaches. If you want to improveyour health, flexibility and life style - - listen to Dr Mark." Sandy K


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